I could not ask for a more enthusiastic response from my German readers. Out of 15 books given away through the lovelybooks website there are now 14 reviews posted. Here is one from Buchswagger (excuse Google translation):

Simply indescribable!

The Cover:
I am simply in love with the cover! The whole design and presentation is wonderful.
The retro colors were perfectly selected, the lettering and i really like the flowers on the edge round the whole and made it perfect. The pictured girl also fits just great with the content. I really like it.

I found them all great. They were perfectly prepared and selected. The mixture of many different characters I liked very well. Everyone had something to him, some special powers. Everyone was simply unique. I could laugh with them, empathise, look ... the full program. It has given me great fun to read.

Writing style:
the style of writing has me completely convinced as he was wonderfully fluid to read. I could forget everything around me and be immersed in the history. He has made me much more than tied up and in the spell. The changing levels of time i have enjoyed very much.

I absolutely love it. I have this reception is not equal at the end of the book written, I wanted to sit the whole again and find the right words. The book deserves much more than my writing.I will keep this book will not easily forget that even now I can not really grasp in words. It was just great, in every way! The book I can only recommend from the heart, it was really worth it!